Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shh... Want in On A Secret?

So I have something new coming to the shop....

I will give you a hint. It hangs, is red and white and moos.

Got it? Not yet?

Well, I will give you a sneek peek!
Isn't it cute? You can find the whole banner soon at our Etsy shop.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Teal" Me Away....

I'm in love with this colour lately and it has been very popular on Etsy as well. Look at all the great finds in wonderful shades of this great colour!

1. Kinies Purse 2. 8daysOfTreasures Jars   3. ASweetSweetBoutique Tutu   4. HoneyPieDesign Pillow   5. ILoveNP Polish   6. Zojanka Scarf   7. DancingMooney Garland   8. Pininkie Planner Kit   9. dondalees Party Straws

These are all things I have on my wish list right now. I'm trying to get into organization mode now that the new year has begun and what a beautiful way to store craft items or ribbons or even little treats for the kids than those teal jars or that planner kit to help me get organized. And if you know me, you know I'm a sucker for nail polish so that sparkly polish is fantastic! I'm also a purse and scarf -a holic as of late..... ok I've always been a purse-a-holic but the scarf thing is new. And kids and party stuff... well that's obvious! I have two little girls who love being princesses and having parties.

Hope I helped you find some fab new Etsy shops today! No go ahead and pin this blog post with the little linky down there so others can find these fab finds! Go on, do it! haha.

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