Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Valentine for You!

I wanted to share a little Valentine's Day giveaway with you all today.

Yesterday I went shopping to get the girls some window clings to decorate our patio windows and they were super excited. I didn't even have to fight to get them both in the tub last night at bath time! Now that's a feat! So they will be enjoying doing that today and I will get to see their efforts when I get home today after work.

Anyways, onto our giveaway. I have a few love bees for you all. Please feel free to tell your friends about them. I do ask that you only use them for personal use. All you have to do is save them to your computer and print! Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

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Asian Inspired Party Invitation

Invite all the kids over for some take out and games! This fun Asian inspired invitation is so adorable. Cover the table with cherry blossom pink table cloths and get little "take out" boxes as party favor bags. Let the kids try to eat with chopsticks..... its a fun challenge and a great way to convince kids to try to eat their broccoli!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Share a little love.

Hi everyone,

Today I'm in the mood for love. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and my kids are getting excited to share their Valentine's already. Plus I had a fabulous weekend with my besties so that totally recharged my batteries. We have now decided it is necessary to do those wonderful get-together-shopping-sprees every two months. Mommies really do need their alone time to be themselves instead of a mommy all the time.

So anyways, I'm in the mood to get my girls decorating the house for Valentine's Day so I looked around for some cute and awesome ideas and wanted to share it with you. I try to share things that are simple and easy to do for all you busy mommies out there like me, so enjoy!

What a cute and simple idea! A nice little bit of bunting above the bed. And I'm sure you could find precut pieces at the local dollar store or craft shop. Thank you Shabby Addict for sharing!

This is almost the same idea as above, you just need a few more pieces and a little extra glue to make the 3-D version but so cute for the window! Check it out at Lushome.

So sweet, so simple. Just download (or make your own on your computer, and print it out. Pop in a frame and voila! An adorable little sign for the holiday. This one is from Less Cake More Frosting.

Could this be any easier? A simple votive and some pretty sprinkles. These would look great on a dinner table or mantle! Source: Home Klondike.

Here are a few more candle ideas... add a little paper or stickers and these look great! Just be sure to keep an eye out so the paper doesn't get too close to the flame. Source: Decoist.

Decorate your front door with this cute paper wreat! The kids can help with the cutting and gluing. Source: Craftelf.

This would be great on a table in the entry way or on a side table somewhere. And I love that they used red AND blue hearts for the little guys out there. Thanks No Time 2 B Bored!

So I hope you are all inspired to go and decorate a little for the holiday of love. I sure am and some of these look so easy to do with my girls. If you like what you see here please share! We'd also like to hear your decor ideas!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Girl Birth Announcement

Another great addition to the shop.... Our Rainy Days Baby Shower invite/birth announcement. So cute.

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Baby Girl Birth Announcement

Another great addition to the shop.... Our Rainy Days Baby Shower invite/birth announcement. So cute.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year... New Birth Announcements.

January always seems to have so many more birthdays (or at least it does in my group) and so I decided to add a few new items in the birth announcment section for all you new moms and dads to choose from to announce the arrival of your special delivery.

And while you are busy checking those out, be sure to use our coupon code LOVELOVELOVE to get 10% off your order! Hurry, this coupon won't last long so please, be my guest and take advantage of it.

I would love to hear what you think of some of our new additions or even suggestions for party invites! Leave me a little message down below. Have a great day everyone!

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