Monday, March 12, 2012

Isabella's Rapunzel Party

Well, we sure had a busy weekend. Our oldest daughter just turned 5! Yes 5 years old. Oh where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday my husband was driving me to Emergency in his tour bus.... yes you all heard (or read) me correctly... a TOUR BUS of all things!
Hubby was supposed to leave early in the morning for a tour and Isabella decided she didn't feel she needed to stay in there any longer (3 weeks early as a matter of fact). Since my hubby was supposed to leave really early, we had gone to leave the car at the garage and get the bus. Those were the only wheels we had to drive!Off we went. Well did we get some worried looks when we pulled up to the door. I think they were super happy to see it was only little old me in there as it was midnight by now.
So that was our excitement for Isabella's birth. Did I mention she even got to ride in an ambulance a week after she was born too? Yep, momma here had to go back to the hospital and as hubby was away working, I had to find some sort of a chauffeur!Oh what a story she has to tell.
So anyways, I thought I would share some cute printables and party decorations we had for Miss Bella's party.Bella wanted a princess party and as we just got the Tangled movie for Christmas, Rapunzel was her princess of choice. It was a cute little party and everyone had a lot of fun. Can't wait till our next party... Oh yeah, that's next weekend for Grandma Ruby and myself! Grandma needs a St. Patty's Day theme for her birthday and mine, well, I'll just be happy with some sort of sweets and celebrating it again this year with Grandma! That's always been my favorite present for my birthday... celebrating with my grandma!

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