Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Decor Link Up 2013

Happy Fall everyone! Ok so it doesn't really feel like fall today around here - they are even saying we may set a record today for the heat. Last time it was 29.4 degrees Celcius was 70 years ago!!! Of course I'm not complaining about the heat... I would be quite happy with weather like this over chilly gloomy days. So anyways, I have been in the full on fall decor swing as of late and have been perusing the pictures on pinterest and magazines for some fall decor ideas. We just bought a house in July so I'm excited to have it all decked out for fall. It will be hard to get rid of my flowers since they looked so amazing this year but I'm sure I can find some great filler ideas for my pots by our entryways. We went to a bird educational day this summer and the girls came home with their own painted bird houses so I think I might get hubby to add so stakes to them for now so I can stand them in my pots and I'm looking forward to getting some pumpkins to add and well, we'll see what else we find. I did pick up a sparkly wreath and a cute little scarecrow the other day that the girls just love... Wreath for the front door since we haven't had time to paint our front door yet and the scarecrow is already by our side door greeting everyone as they come home. What is everyone doing for your fall decor this season? I would love to see what you are working on.... I'm going to add a little link up to the bottom of this post so you all can share. In the meantime, here are a few things I'm just loving...

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