Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spunky Dresses for Holiday Fun!

It's time for another Etsy feature - Christmas Style!
It is almost time for the Christmas season and I'm sure some moms are frantically trying to find a cute outfit for holiday photos or Christmas parties and concerts... well, look no further than Blue Moon Designs.

A while ago I bought some super cute dresses from Blue Moon Design on Etsy and was totally impressed! They were well made, easy to wash and what's more important... my girls loved them!

I bought 2 matching dresses, both bright red, light blue and white with a few other hints of colour (see photo). The dress on the left is the one I bought for Miss Bella and Miss S's dress was very similar to the one on the right.I suggest going with a dress like the left one and the top photo. It's nice and roomy and will grow a bit longer with your wee one... plus, it TWIRLS great! I see they have added some great holiday patterns to their shop so hurry up and order yours! You want it shipped in time for the holidays!

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