Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Round Up

We survived the ghosts and goblins and faired away with little sugar rush meltdowns.... how did you all make out?

This was my DDs' first Halloween and they LOVED it! The costumes and the potluck get-together at a friends house and oh yeah, did I mention the trick-or-treating? One of the kids in our group was in Miss Bella's class and they had so much fun trick-or-treating together that when it was time to leave, the cute little guy started crying. He wanted to stay and play longer with Miss Bella. So adorable! Bella had to hug it out with him before we all left. We assured the little guy they'd see each other at playschool the next day.

So I thought I would just make this post a sharing post full of fun photos from our first Halloween... hope you enjoy!
Busy making our jack-o-lanterns...

Bella's scary witch costume for Halloween.
Below: We helped my niece Miss M make her kitty jack-o-lantern, so cute!


  1. looks like so much fun, thank you for sharing the photos! love the picture of everybody dressed up on the stairs :) that one is going in a frame for sure!

    -rachel w k

  2. Thanks!
    It was a lot of fun this year! Lots of kidlets and giggles!