Friday, April 5, 2013

Princess Party Time!

I have two little girls princesses at home and boy do they love parties.

Every time I turn around they are dressed up in their princess dresses and dancing around... it's adorable! I've had to throw princess parties in the past for my girls and I thought I would share some really cool ideas with you for some princess party ideas.

I mean, I usually throw a party together last minute as I'm so busy helping others throw their super fantastic parties!
1. Bella Expressions  2. Cake   3. Mighty Delighty   4. Indulgy   5. Celebrations   6. Kandeeland Kandeeland   7. By Maree   8. Three Princess Bows   9. Bella Expressions

That pink popcorn is a great idea and a good way to try and keep the sweets down a bit. And wow for cakes I found on the net. There are some super talented people out there. I especially loved the Snow White Cupcakes. Now those are just too sweet to eat and I'm pretty sure even I could handle the cute sugar cookie slipper and crown cookies.

Have anymore ideas you'd like to share with our readers? Leave us a comment with a link up to your party pictures!

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