Friday, April 5, 2013

Somewhere Over The Rainbow....

...someone is celebrating a fabulous RAINBOW party!

And why not? Doesn't this look like the most fun party theme ever??? Heck it just looks fun to decorate!

I've made similar cupcakes before and for those of you who think they can't bake... YOU SO CAN DO THIS! Buys a cake mix, separate the mix out into separate bowls once you have added all the ingredients and add your food colouring. Voila! Now just add the different colours SLOWLY to your cupcake tins (cute wrappers make it even more special!) and bake. Again, these rainbow cookies look fairly simple for a novice to accomplish.

Now I'm a busy working momma as well, so I know we don't always have the time to make elaborate cookies and cakes but these look pretty easy. Or get those pretty rainbow butterflies from Etsy and add to a simple white icing cake. Looks like you slaved away making it pretty.

The rainbow fruit tray is a great idea too. Do it with your veggies too!

Don't forget to adorn your birthday girl with a rainbow headband I found on Etsy. Super cute!

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Have more ideas to share? Leave us a comment below or a link to your rainbow party!
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