Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fun Christmas Crafts

So as you can see I was busy last week preparing for the big party. Lots of fun printables to cut out and things to paste together.

We all get super busy this time of year and who couldn't use a distracting craft for the kidlets to do while you sneek off to hide those presents you wrapped? Well, here are some great links for easy crafts for the kiddies.
The Party Planning Center blog has an adorable little Christmas tree craft for the kids. It's so cute and colourful! It's very similar to the trees we used on the table at Sofia's birthday. has this fun little project. Let the kids colour some decorations and then do a scavenger hunt. But make sure they don't accidentally find those gifts you are trying so hard to hide!

Have your kids sent their letters to Santa yet? Mine already have and we got our letters from Santa the other day! Canada Post is so great! They allow you to actually mail a letter to Santa and they have busy little elves who make sure Santa gets his letters and replies to all the special little children who write to him.

Mail your letters to:
H0H 0H0


Why not make your letters to Santa that much more special with Blush Printables' letter to Santa printable.

The Santa's Corner website also has a lot of other fun things for the kids to do as well.

And why not spread some joy to the neighbourhood? ELF your neighbours and get the jolly rolling through the streets. Use these printables by Anders Ruff when leaving your ELF gifts.

Well, there you have it. crafts for the kidlets, and a little jolly for the neighbours.... I love this time of year!!!

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