Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wowsers! It's almost here!

Wow! This month has flown by so fast.

I can't believe 3 more sleeps and the big fella dressed in red will be stopping by my sister's house upon special request. It's so great to finally have those high connections to the northern pole now...... if only when I was a kid I had these special connections.... oh the presents I would have gotten.

So, we've received our video emails from Santa confirming Miss S and Miss I will be on the nice list this year after much work in the last week by Miss S and her potty training efforts. Letters also arrived from the big guy despite my having to telephone the central office up north once for Miss S's meltdowns. Infact, the girls have been so fortunate as to get to open a few gifts last night and tonight (so we have less to pack in the van.) Grandma R and Uncle K bought the girls a little table and chair set.... super cute and pinked out with princesses might I add. Also Ms. W dropped of some gifts for everyone last night.... chocolates, colouring books and scarves, hats and..... a HUGE tea set! BIG HIT!

I'm just loving this time of year! Especially this year. Being back home makes it so much more festive.... clients are coming in for coffee and goodies.... some even treat us with little boxes of chocolates! People leave the office wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year and even when I went shopping tonight I was greeted by a local wishing me a Merry Christmas with a big, bright smile.... I think it's the mild temeratures that helps make it wonderful. People aren't rushing quite as much to get in out of the cold and snow.

Miss I's playschool Christmas concert was this week. Proud momma here as she was front and centre. It was so adorable! Very quiet singers but very adorable. They belted out 4 songs and then Santa stopped by to give them all a little present. Wonderful job!

We also had a wonderful turnout for the Christmas Lights Parade last Friday evening. There must have been 20 floats filled with twinkling lights and dressed up people waving and throwing candy to those who got out of their vehicles to get that much closer. Kids were smiling, and our float was packed with kidlets excited to see people waving back. "Merry Christmas!"s being yelled back to us.

I really missed that in Italy. Yes it was festive enough, and people are usually quite nice, but for me it lacked that smalltown feel. I missed passing people on the street and knowing who they were so I could say "Hi!" or "How are you?" I guess it takes being away for a little while to really appreciate how nice it can be to live in a small community. Friendly faces you recognize.

I just want to take a moment to wish all of you reading a Merry Christmas and all the Best in 2012. I am very excited to see where the new year leads and hope to see many of you coming back to keep up with this little blog.


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