Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa sent us a message!!!!

Good morning!

Is everyone ready for Christmas yet? It’s less than 2 weeks away and I think we are all caught up… now to get everything wrapped.

It never fails. I lock myself in the bedroom when the kids are very busy with something else and immediately they come running looking for me. Ok so you are thinking “Oh well, you at least have the door locked.” Yes. That is correct and is fine… until they start peeking under the door through the crack! NO PEEKING! Oh I can’t wait until Christmas!

I’m hoping the kids like what Santa brings for them this year! Speaking of the big jolly fella… we got our email video from Santa! The girls loved it! Want to know how to get your email video from Santa? Well, I put in a quick (2 minute) order with some elves here and they sent it right away! The girls were impressed that Santa had pictures of what they did this year (and even had a birthday photo of Sofia which happened 1 week before our email arrived!) Hurry up and get yours sent!


  1. Thanks for the link - will bookmark it and use it as and when!

  2. Melissa, thanks for posting the link. I forgot about that Santa message. Already sent to my great nephew.

    You gotta love Santa!