Friday, April 20, 2012

We Love our Customers!

We recently received a wonderful little photo from a client of ours with a little thank you for her order. We ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY Love to hear back from our customers and how they thought the process went.

We really (or should I say me, myself and I as that's who works in this little company) strive to provide great customer service while making the process of online ordering quick and painless. I too understand the scarey feeling people get when they make their FIRST (and sometimes their tenth) purchase online.... it's scary! I mean, there is no face to go with the order. You don't "talk" directly to who you are buying the product from... it's all emailed baby. That can be a big leap of faith for some people including myself. I have been extremely fortunate in my internet purchases (pretty much just on Etsy) and have had trouble only once. I did get my money returned though.

So if you are interested in anything in the shop and haven't made any purchases online before, don't be afraid to send me a convo or email, I'd be happy to answer your questions or check out our FAQ section as well. We tried to cover all bases there too.

So I bet I have you waiting to see the super cute picture I was sent hey? Here it is! We designed the cupcake toppers for her "Cat in the Hat" inspired birthday. Thank you again for sending it to us!

Cupcake toppers by Bella Expressions on Etsy
  Send us your photos! We'd love to see them!
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