Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fancy Little Frills....

Pearl and Pauper

I picked up a few of these SUPER CUTE little lace rompers from Pearl and Pauper for a photographer friend of mine a short while back we were both super impressed with how adorable (and stretchy) these were.

I mean, look at the shop photo, now are you not sold on this?

I sent a link of it to my friend as she does a lot of baby and child photography and thought it would be something I would squeal about if my photographer pulled it out of her prop trunk. Infact, before dropping it off with her I had to do a quick photoshoot of my own (and I mean quick as there were some nasty black clouds rolling in that day after work).

I put those rompers to the test alright. My girls are 2 and 4 but fit size 4 and 6 tall clothes. Well the medium and large sizes were perfect! They stretched a lot.

Anyways, they come in so many cute colours. I opted for the not so mainstream pink and blue and ordered the CORAL and the AQUA. Gorgeous colours for great little girl shots! The shop owner even threw in 2 little hair clips (see last 2 photos above) to go with them.

So if you are looking for a great little shop that sells something a bit over-the-top cute for your photos, definately stop over at Pearl and Pauper on Etsy!

*First and last photos courtesy of Pearl and Pauper

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