Friday, September 30, 2011

Jessie, Wrangle Em Up... We've Got a Photoshoot Planned.

Is everyone getting ready for another lovely fall weekend? I know I am. I am hoping to be a little busy too.

I had booked family photos with a friend only to have overcast skies when we left the house and when we almost arrived to the photoshoot destination, it was monsoon season! Blowing cold winds and raining. It was really too bad as we were going to go to the grotto at Mundare cemetery.... ok I know you are thinking "how wierd! Family photos in a cemetery?" Ok so you need to see this place. Wel, I haven't actually seen this place but I've seen the photos and they are really pretty. Beautiful backgrounds of trees, rock walls and stairways. Really nice fall background for photos. So, this weekend I'll be doing some planning of my own. I may have to get some bales from my uncle... and find some pumpkins or something.... I'll be sure to post a picture or two when and if I get these done. May involve a little bribery with the girls... ;P

I'm also hoping to get a few new items in the shop. and complete some party sets I have been working on.

I'm quite excited about lil' Miss B's birthday party coming up. She has chosen my Strawberry shortcake invite as her birthday card this year.... I've been busy sending her mom some extras to go with it in hopes I can get some cute shots to share. See, I have sold a lot of these invites and coordinating items but this is one I haven't had time to print for myself and see it all put together in a party. I'm quite excited!


New Jessie cupcake toppers, water bottle labels and thank you notes have made it into the shop to match our invites... keep popping back because we will be having another new addition soon!

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