Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photographers Are Superheros

Ah.... the photos look so sweet and innocent... two lil' munchkins playing with their kitty (ok so giant fat cat)... now if you only knew what it takes to get one of these photos taken!

Genuine hard work and sweat goes into these photos folks. If you are a parent, you'll understand me. On is looking at the camera oh so nice while you are practically standing on your head juggling 3 balls to get the other to even remotely look in your direction. "SMILE!" I yell... to be followed by the harmonious repeating of "CHEESE!!!" Miss Dimples is usually the one I have to work hard to get a smile out of. She's usually looking the other way or fig=dgetting with something. Miss LaLa is always on the hunt these days for the cats so if one of those fur balls runs in the distance she's up and on the chase.

This is our way of doing a fall photo session in our house. As you read before, our photo session was cancelled due to unforseen monsoon weather. I'm trying to get some cute picts of my ladies in before our cram session with my photog friend D. I have to break this process up into days just to keep my sanity... in the end I'm happy with a few of the photos and will hopefully get enough of each Miss to hand out at Christmas. Here's a few from last night.

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