Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crazy Weekend at Hotel M

Hotel M was packed full this weekend with a housefull of crazy family members. Kids running about and football games on tv. It was seriously a mad house.

It was our belated Thanksgiving weekend cram packed into 1 1/2 days. I think my neice and nephew could really only handle a day and a half with my girls glued to their sides. Bella was stuck to M's side like glue playing video games or just watching him play video games. Miss S was running around playing with Miss M all weekend, following her every move like a shadow with a ginormous grin.

Turkey and ham were served, stuffing, orange jello with mandarine oranges (as requested by the Divine Miss M)and of course... the family tradition... lefse (I hope I spelled that right). Bellies were stuffed to the gills and then the pies and cheesecakes came out. Goodness! It actually took this gal 45 minutes to finish a piece of yummy, much missed, pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I haven't had the opportunity to have pumpkin pie for 2 1/2 years as we lived in Italy... nor turkey, nor stuffing.... yes I was in heaven!

Lucky for us we decided to do our photo shoot before we added 5 lbs to our waistlines! My sis T hasn't had new family photos taken in about 4 or 5 years so we all organized to get it done provided we had decent weather. Well, it was nice enough and as I had to cancel my previous photoshoot with Mrs. D Photography, I thought why not get some photos done of us as well. It's almost impossible to get the girls and hubby organized and behaving enough to shoot a few picts so the ones we got I will have to be happy with. Sis T's turned out much better as I'm a tad more camera experienced than she is. Thank goodness for photo editing.So if that all wasn't enough in a weekend, Sunday we also had a little girls birthday party to go to. Miss B was turning 5 and we were invited to come party. Several little girls running about giggling and screaming was a great release of energy for my wee ones. After that we stopped at the rink to watch the local girls hockey team play a game. Well, I didn't do much watching of any hockey girls, just a lot of "where'd the girls go?" kind of looking. 2 clumsy girls + cement arena stairs = a recipe for some crying and a possible visit to the hospital. We did however make it out of the rink without even a scratch and 2 little girls asleep before we even left town.

It was nice actually not fighting anyone to go to bed for a change... and earlier than usual might I add. Of course, the extra free time I gained with the kids in bed were quickly eaten up buy orders that had to be filled from the shop. Not too bad, Vin Diesel was on in the meantime giving me moments of mindless entertainment.

Yep, it was a pretty good weekend... hope next weekend is fun too.

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  1. How lovely! (:
    All weekends are lovely for lovely people! (;


    psst... I love the ad you made for my blog! (genius!*)