Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Roundup

I hope everyone had a great Canadian Thanksgiving this last weekend.

We are celebrating ours this coming weekend. We all had things going on so we decided to bump it back a weekend.

Our family was busy doing a Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF. My BFF has Diabetes and we've done this walk for years and every year we have a great time. It's a great excuse for us besties to get together and now it's a great excuse to get our kids together for a playdate. All the kids had a great time! B was busy scooting on her scooter almost the whole 5 km. That's a lot of scooting and walking for a little 4 year old. I on the other hand, got a good workout pulling 2 kidlets around. we had a few wee ones swaping out in the wagon but it was especially funny when Lil' Big Man (my BFF's son) was in the wagon with S. All the giggling going on was so cute. Then at the end of the day, Lil' Big Man and Miss S had to kiss and hug it out. So adorable!

I've also been busy crocheting up a few hats to sell this fall/winter ANd doing up card orders. I finally got a chance to do up some Calendars. They were missing from our shop last year as I just didn't have the time to get any finished. I'm hoping to add a few more soon.

Here's 2 I have listed already:

The top calendar comes with a variety of coloured flowers to choose from.

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