Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Not FREE Mommy!

Kids are like mini comedians!

The other day hubby met me after work with the girls to go grocery shopping... I'm thinking it'll be easier if they stay at the playground while I shop but oh well.

We arrive at the store. Open the door and they are practically off! Miss B runs to grab the cart and Miss S is a few feet behind as usual. Miss B insists on pushing the cart so I try to guide the cart without her noticing (and without racks of food falling to the ground as well.)

Halfway through the store an all is going well I think to myself... yep! What in the heck did I just do? YEP! Jinxed it! Miss B starts getting a little faster and a little on the wobbly side. Miss S is agging her on to go faster followed by giggling.

And around the corner it's Miss B in the lead... it was like watching nascar on a Sunday afternoon.

I'm thinking "Oh my gosh! They are turning into those other people's kids!!!" STOP IT! I try to say in that quiet, yet I'm-going-to-strangle-you-if-you-hit-anyone tone.... yep if you are a mom you know that one.... that look comes out a lot when shopping.

So I'm trying to stay calm... hubby is all relaxed and not even watching the girls. Speeds increasing and around another corner!

Right into the owner's cart. Luckily it's a small town. I grew up here. He grew up here. We both have kids. I smile and say, "Did you need a few more kids? They are for sale!" He chuckles and says, "Oh they are for sale are they?" I respond with, "Well, actually they are FREE!"
Miss B standing infront of me and holding onto the NAS-CART, looks at me and says,

"Mommy! I'm not FREE!"
"I'm FOUR!"

We both burst out laughing.... yep, I'm pretty sure he had a good story to go home and tell his wife. I know the people in our house that night and the people at work the next day sure got a chuckle.
Oh Miss B... you are entertaining!

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